Iā€™m Sonal Kashyap


I’ve forever embraced the spirit of non-conformity, finding joy in my diverse range of hobbies and interests that dance together in perfect harmony. From the exhilaration of sports to the artistry of photography, the wanderlust of traveling to the mysteries of cosmology, the boundless potential of AI, and beyond, I immerse myself in the tapestry of knowledge and exploration. With a degree in Pharmaceutical Science from the esteemed Manipal University, I bring a multidimensional perspective to the table. Just as a chess enthusiast with a competitive rating of 1400+ on chess.com, I embrace the profound philosophy that life mirrors the intricate strategies of the game. Through a hands-on approach, I intertwine learning with action, embracing the exhilaration of discovery.

Embracing the melody of nonconformity, I harmonize my passions, weaving together the diverse threads of sports, photography, travel, cosmology, AI, and more. Like a chess player of life, I navigate the board with a philosophy that every move counts. I embrace the beauty of learning by doing, as knowledge blooms through experiential exploration. In this symphony of curiosity, I compose a unique and vibrant existence.



I thrive at the intersection of innovation and opportunity, where the world of pharmaceutical marketing collides with the dynamic realm of stock trading. With a nimble mind and keen instincts, I actively navigate the equity segment and F&O, extracting value from the pulsating markets.

But my pursuits don’t end there. During the moments I claim as my own, I don the digital curator’s hat, orchestrating an ensemble of websites and digital platforms. A seasoned Google Adsense Partner, Amazon Associate, and Domain Reseller, I’ve honed my expertise over a decade-long voyage through the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Within my vast domain, AI is my trusted companion, guiding me through the labyrinth of possibilities. I revel in the art of competitive intelligence, extracting valuable insights to shape strategic decisions. My creative spirit finds solace in crafting digital content that captivates minds and stirs emotions.

Data is my playground, and analytics is the lens through which I decipher its hidden truths. With an unwavering commitment to search engine optimization, I orchestrate a symphony of algorithms, unraveling the secrets to digital visibility.

In the depths of my passion lies the art of data mining, unearthing treasures buried within complex datasets. Computers, with their enigmatic allure, have become my muse, igniting a perpetual flame of fascination within my soul.

But beyond the realm of circuits and processors, I find solace in contemplating the vast cosmos that stretches above. In its infinite majesty, I discover inspiration and awe, fueling my insatiable hunger to explore everything and anything that intertwines the wonders of computers and the mysteries of the universe.

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